The geographical position, a favorable investment climate, a simplified business emigration system, legislation loyal to foreigners, and a favorable environment make Montenegro attractive for business and living.

To get a home in Montenegro, you can use one of two options:
– buy real estate in Montenegro;
– to build a new house by your own project.

If you settled on the option of building a house or hotel, then you will need to find a construction company that will carry out all the construction work. There can be many nuances here, so we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the following information: CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

The project and construction of your own property have a great advantage:
– firstly, «your house is your fortress», the desired high quality housing «for the soul»;
– secondly, the construction of housing may take less time than a search of ready-made, suitable in all prospects;
– thirdly, you can choose a convenient and comfortable place for construction and further residence;
– fourthly, building your own house will cost you less than choosing and buying a similar finished object;
– and finally – you control the quality of work and materials at all stages of construction.

The main stages of preparation and construction in Montenegro:
– selection and organization of the sale of land for construction;
– obtaining technical conditions in the Cadastre for the construction of the facility;
– obtaining a building permit with the development of a general project;
– perform soil analysis, digging of the pit and pouring the foundation;
– «turnkey» construction (with interior and exterior);
– improvement of the local area, auxiliary outbuildings, parking, etc.
– final commissioning of the object, placing the property object into the register of property rights and obtaining a list nepokretnosti (sheet of real estate) in opshtina (municipality).

The construction of any object always seems very troublesome and difficult. But if you turn to professionals with experience in Montenegro, you only have to plan a construction and finance. All efforts to acquire a land plot, materials delivery, permits execution, drawing up and coordinating a project, carrying out general construction and finishing works, and at the end legally commissioning the facility and its official registration will be taken over by experienced employees of the company.

Our specialists have experience in working with local geodesic and architectural offices, administrations, lawyers, translation specialists, etc. We do our job responsibly with respect to our clients. Our main task is a quality facility and a satisfied customer!