Budva Municipality in Montenegro - Budva Riviera

Budva municipality (the centre is Budva) with its famous Budva Riviera is located in the center of the Montenegrin Adriatic Sea coast. About 16 thousand people live in more than 60 settlements of the municipality of Budva. Most areas of Budva Riviera have great sandy and pebble beaches.

The cities of Budva municipality have a thousand-year history, a modern developed infrastructure, unique recreation places that attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. The picturesque nature, modern construction and convenient transport links make Budva Riviera especially attractive for tourism and real estate acquisition. When you choosing a property in Budva, you need to pay attention to what features different areas of Budva have for permanent residence or for vacations in Montenegro.

According to statistics, there are 297 sunny days during the year in Budva. The city is considered one of the warmest places on the Adriatic coast: the average air temperature in summer is + 23 ° C (73°F), and in winter + 10 ° C (50°F). The sea temperature in summer is about + 25 ° C (77°F), and in winter it is about + 16 ° C (61°F).

Depending on preferences, you can choose the settlement you like in Budva municipality such as Becici, Braici, Budva, Bulyaritsa, Krushevica, Kuljache, Maine, Petrovac, Pobori, Prievor, Przhno, Rafailovici, Rezhevici, Tudorovici and Sveti Stefan - town on peninsula.