Petrovac - resort «highlight» of Montenegro


The city of Petrovac with a population of one and a half thousand inhabitants has the main urban infrastructure for comfortable living and recreation: a post office and a polyclinic, a market and food supermarkets, sports and entertainment centers, a church, a police unit.

Petrovac, surrounded by pine forests and olive groves on the shores of a cozy sea bay and unspoiled nature, is a real highlight of Montenegro. The unique sandy beaches of Petrovac are very popular for families with children.

The urban sandy beach has a length of about six hundred meters (1968,5ft.) and is located along the long promenade with cozy cafes and restaurants, shopping stalls, gaming and sports entertainment.

The second magnificent sandy beach is Lučice, which has the form of a small two-hundred-meter bay in a quiet, cozy place, surrounded by evergreen majestic pines.

The purest forest and sea air, unusually clean coastal waters, the attractiveness of the nearby islands of Katich and Svyatoj Nedeli, the special urban flavor of Petrovac attract tourists from many countries.

It is no accident the city of Petrovac is called the resort «highlight» of Montenegro, it's a great place to relax and live.

After spending a fabulous vacation in the city of Petrovac, coming into contact with its unusual history and modern beauty, you will want to visit it again and again, and find the opportunity to buy property in this paradise.