House in Montenegro for living and recreation

If you want to live by the sea, then you can buy your coveted house in Montenegro – why not? In the real estate market there are a lot of interesting house offers in the middle price range.
A cozy, comfortable house creates a fertile atmosphere and makes it possible to live and relax all year round by the sea or in the mountains. If you are outside Montenegro for a long time, you can do differently: give it for a rent during the summer season and receive additional financial income. For easy home care and reliability, it can be given to the management real estate company that you trust.
A wide range of houses for sale on the Adriatic coast gives freedom of choice a home in your favorite place, taking into account your wishes and budget.
MonteBASE company provides support for the process of buying / selling real estate in accordance with local law, provides advice and many other services for recreation, life and business in Montenegro.