The Montenegro mountains are one of the most ancient formations on Earth. One of the branches of the Balkan Mountains, the Dinaric Highland, which was formed in the Precambrian era, passes through the territory of Montenegro and neighboring countries. The mountain peak Bobotov Kuk, which is loved by tourists, is 2522 meters (8274 ft) high and is the highest in the amazing Durmitor massif. And the top of the Zla-Kolata, which is 2,534 meters (8314 ft) high, is the highest not only in the mountains with the mystical name Prokletije, but throughout Montenegro. Mountain ranges rapidly and steeply descend down to the coast, where the warm Adriatic Sea forms magical sandy and pebble beaches.

There is an assumption that the name Montenegro (Crna Gora, the Country of the Black Mountains, Montenegro) appeared and stuck because of the beautiful mountains covered with dark («black») pine forests visible from the Adriatic Sea. According to one of the main versions, it is the majestically towering Mount Lovcen, covered with lush dark green forests, which is located in the historically established center of the country near the Bay of Kotor, and served as the main factor of formation in the name of the country.

The movement of ice mass in the ice age left its mark on the structure of mountains and uplands, forming a karst plateau in the south-west of the country and many glacial lakes. Preserved in large parts of the mountainous territory, pristine nature with its amazing flora and fauna, with its unique rare species of plants, animals, birds and fish, attracts lovers of tourism and natural beauty like a magnet.

In the Montenegro mountains, winter is relatively colder, and heavy rainfall covers the slopes of the mountains with pure white fluffy snow. Together with the picturesque forests and valleys, this was the creation of winter resorts with ski centers Zabljak, Kolasin, Lovcen.

Magnificent Biogradska mountain with its unusual glacial lake Biograd is a unique reserve of international significance. The fast Biogradska River flowing from the mountains replenishes this protected lake with its clear waters. Trekking is very popular in the mountains of Montenegro: hiking through the picturesque mountainous terrain and amazing river canyons. Unlike mountaineering, trekking does not require special training and facilities, therefore, at any time of the year hiking trips to the mountains with routes of different duration and complexity are a weighty part of the time for active recreation. Activities include horseback riding, mountain biking, rafting, caving, fishing in Montenegro in wonderful mountain lakes and rivers, jeep safaris in the mountains of Montenegro.

Amazingly beautiful mountains, walks through the magnificent mountain forests, clean healthy air, ski resorts with unique nature attract thousands of tourists and those who want to buy property in Montenegro year-round. Rested and happy travelers who have visited this magical place or are already living in Montenegro, share their unforgettable vivid impressions and reviews.



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