The municipality of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska)

Kotor municipality covers an area of 335 is located on the coast of Kotor Bay in the valley of the breathtaking nature of the lush mountain range of Lovcen in Montenegro. On the territory of the municipality, which has a long history, together with the main city of Kotor, as well as not less picturesque towns and settlements of Kotor Riviera, there are more than 23 thousand inhabitants.

Kotor municipality includes the following cities and towns: Vishnievo, Vranovichi, Dobrota, Oak, Glavati, Glavatichi, Gorovichi, Kavach, Zagora, Zalazi, Kostanjica, Kotor, Kovaci, Krimovice, Krivoshy Gornye, Krivoyshie Donje, Kubasi, Livstya, Ladoyeteye , Ladanitse Gornier, Lleshevichi, Mirac, Morinj, Muo, Nalešići, Orahovac, Pelinovo, Perast, Pobrdier, Prioradi, Privredna Zona, Prcanj, Risan, Stoliv, Strp, Sutvara, Shishichi, Shkalyari, Shpiliari.

Residents of the municipality are engaged in sea travel, fishing, trade with coastal countries for centuries. Keeping its traditions, municipality of Kotor is an important trading center on the Adriatic. The best sea harbor of the Adriatic Sea is called Bay of Kotor for its water area which is deeply cut into the intermountain space.

The presence in the main city of the Maritime Museum, the Maritime Faculty of the Montenegrin University, the Institute of Biology of the Adriatic Sea and other organizations related to maritime activities and fishing in Montenegro, makes the municipality and Kotor particularly attractive for people. Location of the Adriatic highway, sea connections, ferry, a variety of different sunny beaches, cozy hotels, all kinds of cafes and restaurants make municipality of Kotor especially attractive for tourism in Montenegro and the purchase of real estate in Montenegro.

Picturesque Kotor Riviera has become a popular holiday destination in Montenegro for tourists from many countries around the world.