Sutomore - a small coastal town


The resort town of Sutomore is located on the slopes near the shore of the Adriatic Sea of Bar Riviera in Montenegro which is in translation means «land and sea». We must straight away say that it is famous for its beaches, covered with amazing sands, which are known for their healing properties due to their special mineral composition. Warm sea water and hot sand, along with clean mountain-sea air create a wonderful environment for recreation in Sutomore.

Here, close to the coast there are numerous cafes and restaurants, which creates amenities for tourists on the beaches. For lovers of active rest, here organized various excursions by land and sea for every taste, which are very convenient and save a lot of time. In summer, the coastal zone is freed from automobile traffic and becomes pedestrian, which creates additional comfort for holidaymakers. It should be added that from the side of the mountains the sutomore beaches are protected from the wind by slender cypresses and perennial pines.

The train service from Podgorica to Bar passes through Sutomore, which, together with buses and taxis, gives a good opportunity to travel and visit other cities.

MonteBASE company has transfers from Podgorica and Tivat international airports to Sutomore and to other places of rest, provides cunsultations and many other services for recreation, accommodation and business in Montenegro.