Tivat municipality - Kotor Bay


Tivat municipality of 46 sq.km. (17,8 sq.mi.) is located on the coast of the majestic Bay of Kotor, occupying most of the magnificent Vrmats peninsula with its fragrant lush nature.

More than 14 thousand people live on the territory of the municipality together with the main city of Tivat, as well as not less interesting towns and settlements of Bogdashichi, Bogishichi, Donja Lastva, Gornja Lastva, Goshichi, Dzhurashevichi, Krashichi, Lepetane, Milovici, Mrchevats, Nikovichi, Radovichi.

Retaining its thousand-year history of formation and destruction, the Tivat municipality is now at the stage of a stable and successful economic recovery, mainly due to the development of tourism in Montenegro.

The presence of the international airport «Tivat», the Adriatic highway, sea link, as well as a unique island line, many luxurious beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants make Tivat municipality especially attractive for tourists from many countries and wanting to buy property in Montenegro. Official site www.opstinativat.com