Property in Montenegro - apartment by the sea


You can buy an apartment in Montenegro for a different taste and financial possibilities. The housing is on the first floor or above, with many apartments or one bedroom apartment, with or without exclusive furniture. This may be an option of the house on the first line or in a quiet place far from tourist places, in a big city or in a small cozy resort village.

The apartment has its positive features in contrast to the house / villa: it has lower cost and less costly maintenance, the presence of centralized networks, the ability to close and leave unattended for a long time.

A wide range of apartments for sale on the coast of the Adriatic Sea gives a freedom to choose housing to your taste and your needs in your favorite place and taking into account financial opportunities.

The company MonteBASE provides support for the process of buying / selling real estate in accordance with the law, provides consultation and many other services for recreation, accommodation and business in Montenegro.