Buy a house or villa in Montenegro

House or villa on the shores of the warm Adriatic Sea - who has not dreamed of their own cozy corner among the lush Mediterranean nature!

Buying a home or villa in Montenegro has become very real. Currently, very interesting offers have appeared in such large cities as Budva, Bar, Kotor, Herceg Novi, etc., and in quiet, calm places: Dobra Voda, Sutomore, Biela, Lepetane, etc. You can also choose a house near famous ski resorts in the cities of Zabljak and Kolasin.

Your own house / villa allow year-round living / recreation in special comfort and coziness. Many people act differently from an economic point of view: during the season, housing is rent out to tourists, receiving a good financial income, and the rest of the time they live on their own. If you live for a long time outside of Montenegro, the property is handed over to the managers of a reliable Real Estate Agency.

The website «Real Estate Montebase» provides for sale a variety of options of houses / villas, from luxury several floors of villas with their own beach and pier to cozy houses for one or two families with their own garden.