Herceg Novi Municipality in Montenegro - Herceg Novi Riviera

Herceg Novi municipality covers an area of 235 sq.km. (129 sq.mi.) is located along the coast of the majestic Kotor Bay, which is also a rare beauty with its fragrant lush nature. On the territory of the municipality, together with the main city of Herceg Novi and settlements, live more than 30 thousand people.

Municipality of Herceg Novi includes such cities and towns: Zhliebi, Babuntsi, Baosici, Bijela, Belske Krushevice, Brguli, Djenovici, Djuric, Zabrdje, Yoshitsa, Kameno, Krusevica, Kumbor, Kuti, Moydezh, Mokrin, Mrkovi, Go, Radovanici , Ratishevina, Rose, Sasovici, Sutorina, Topla, Trebesin, Ubli, Herceg Novi.

Herceg Novi municipality is one of the touristic and resort centers of Montenegro with many historical and natural attractions of Herceg Novi Riviera. There are many settlements based near the small picturesque bays of Kotor Bay with a variety of comfortable beaches, fishing spots, as well as lush nature, mountains and forests, which are contribute to the development of tourism - tourist routes in Montenegro.

On the territory of the municipality there is a male Orthodox monastery, whose origins stretch from 1030, attracting many pilgrims and tourists.

The sea, monasteries, mud treatment resort of Igalo, as well as the unique nature, many luxurious beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants make Herceg Novi municipality very attractive for tourists and pilgrims from other countries. A Lot of people have an interest to buy property in Montenegro.