Q Prices for fish and seafood in Montenegro?

The Adriatic Sea is rich in fish and seafood. Therefore, seafood lovers arrange «fish days» in Montenegro and strive to try different types of fish dishes, as well as seafood. The price of fish and seafood in the markets of the Montenegrin coast for most of the range is from 3 to 15 euros per 1 kg, depending on the type and size. Although some delicacies offer the price reaches 50 euros per 1 kg. With current prices for most of the range presented in Montenegro, you can find in our article «Fish and seafood in Montenegro». You can order the delivery of fresh fish on request or arrange a real sea fishing and catch some fish to your table!

Q Where can i find a timetable and prices for the ferry Bar – Bari – Bar?

From the city of Bar in Montenegro you can reach the city of Bari in southeastern Italy by ferry across the Adriatic Sea. You will spend only one night on the road, and in the morning of the next day you will be able to travel through the colorful open spaces of Italy. Also, the convenience of the ferry lies in the fact that you can take your car with you – the ferry is designed not only for passenger transport, but also for transporting bulky cargo. For more information on how to get to Italy by ferry, as well as where to get the current schedule and prices for tickets, review our article «Ferry Bar-Bari-Bar».

Q What are the features of traffic regulations in Montenegro?

The traffic on the roads of Montenegro is governed by the norms of international European traffic rules. For tourists will not be difficult to navigate on the roads of Montenegro. You can read our recommendations in the article «Traffic Regulations in Montenegro – what to look for».

Q Where to rent a car in Montenegro?

Traveling around Montenegro is very convenient by car – so you will not depend on public transport or excursion groups. While planning your vacation, you can choose a car for rent in advance and book it for the duration of your vacation. Our recommendations for booking car rental you can find in the article «Rent a car in Montenegro». We also recommend to read the article «Traffic Regulations in Montenegro – what to look for».

Q How to legalize a property in Montenegro?

The issue of the legalization of real estate has become topical for the majority of owners in connection with the implementation in Montenegro of the state program of legalization of illegally constructed properties. This program provides an opportunity for owners to bring the documentation of residential and commercial real estate objects built without a building permit into compliance with current legislation without the application of additional penalties. You can familiarize yourself with the basic requirements of the relevant legislation and the duration of the program in our article «Legalization of real estate in Montenegro».

Q Do I need to register as a tourist in Montenegro?

According to the conditions of stay of tourists in Montenegro within 24 hours from the moment of entry into Montenegro, a foreign citizen must register with a tourist organization or in the police department for work with foreigners. To register, you must provide your passport with a stamp of customs on entry into the country, give the address of residence in Montenegro and the name of the owner of the property. It should be considered that the owner of the property must provide a copy of the real estate statement from the cadaster of the «list nepokretnosti». It is also necessary to clarify how many days you plan to rest in Montenegro, as well as to pay the tourist tax, which is about 0.8 euros per 1 day stay in Montenegro. It is better to apply for registration before noon, as the majority of tourist organizations work from 8-00 to 14-30. The penalty for not registering is 60 euros.

Q Recreation in Montenegro – prices and budget?

Montenegro has a unique nature: picturesque mountains with numerous tourist routes and the sea, perfect for a beach holiday. At the same time, the actively developing tourist infrastructure of the country allows to provide recreation of the appropriate level for different requirements to the level of comfort and different budgets. Therefore, rest in Montenegro is loved by completely different categories of holidaymakers. Supporters of compact but comfortable housing can choose for themselves a comfortable studio apartment in a new house for 1-4 people from 25 euros per day. You can book yourself a spacious, cozy and comfortable apartment in Montenegro with a sea view for a family of 5-6 people from 39 euros per day. One-bedroom apartment in a new house near the sea, you can rent from 55 euros per day. Also, you can choose for your summer vacation a cozy premium-class apartment with a panoramic view of the sea and mountains from 100 euros per day. Comfortable villa by the sea can be rented from 300 euros per day. It should be noted that all apartments for rent are equipped with necessary furniture, appliances, dishes, linens, etc. appropriate level for a comfortable and cozy holiday. Additionally, in the section of useful information about Montenegro you can find out the prices of products in Montenegro, as well as where to buy fish and seafood, the current schedule of buses in Montenegro and the train schedule with ticket prices, as well as many other useful information.

Q How to organize a vacation in Montenegro?

MonteBASE company organizes holidays in Montenegro for both lovers of individual tourism and family vacations, as well as for corporate leisure, organizing receptions for business seminars, trainings and other corporate events.
If you are planning to rest in Montenegro, we will arrange for you a full range of services:
• airport transfer / car and yacht rental,
• rent of apartment or villa,
• excursions or a personal guide for traveling around Montenegro and hiking in the mountains.
We offer objective prices, as we have our own car park, as well as base of properties. We will provide you the most suitable option for the venue of the event and guests staying, we will also arrange a transfer for you for the required amount of time, we will organize excursion routes for you and your guests. To do this, you need to send an APPLICATION with your wishes and special conditions for organizing a holiday in Montenegro, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible and provide the necessary information for you.

Q Why are property prices in MonteBASE lower than on other sites?

We often hear from our clients that the prices of most of the properties represented in MonteBASE database are lower than on other websites of real estate agencies. All information of the real estate database is relevant and is published after a preliminary check of objects from the owners. Therefore, our website for real estate in Montenegro provides you the lowest price for real estate in Montenegro, as well as the opportunity to discuss in the future all your questions and conditions directly with the property owner without intermediaries. The objects we have presented can often be found on the sites of other realtors. In case to sell the property faster, the owners often turn to several realtors at once, who offer the property to other real estate agencies. Thus, the commission, which is included in the price of the object, increases with the addition of each additional intermediary. In our database, we present real estate in Montenegro without intermediaries at the prices of the owners, as well as arrange you to communicate directly with the owner when discussing the final terms of the transaction for the sale of real estate. Thus, in the end, you buy a property at the lowest price, pay the real value of the property without paying additional fees to several intermediaries. In this case, our qualified specialists directly in Montenegro will provide you a professional verification and translation of documents, as well as the security of the sale transaction.

Q How to get a residence permit in Montenegro for real estate?

Today, Montenegro is one of few countries in Europe where the procedure for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens is as simple as possible. Prepare a package of necessary documents and submit a relevant application to the police, you will receive a document in 40 days that will allow you to live in Montenegro without any restrictions. More information of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro, you can find in our article Residence permit for real estate. We focus your attention on the fact that our managers can always advise you for free on the issue of a residence permit. To do this, you need to send an APPLICATION with your question, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible and provide the necessary information for you.

Q How to book a trip or a hike to the mountains?

When you plan your vacation in Montenegro, you can pre-plan interesting excursions to different places of Montenegro, hiking in the mountains with a guide, rafting on mountain rivers or jeep safari on mountain roads. On our website you can find a description of the most popular routes in Montenegro, as well as reviews of tourists about the routes. You can take part in a group tour, as well as book an individual tour. To do this, leave a request on our website or write us on e-mail: info@montebase.com – our new customers become our regular tourists!

Q Airline lost luggage – how to find?

If you arrived on holiday in Montenegro, but you didn’t find your luggage upon arrival at the airport, do not despair. There is an international service for the search and return of lost luggage «Lost and Found», which will help you in this situation. In our article “Lost luggage when you travel” you will find useful tips on how to solve this issue in Montenegro, as well as contact details of the service «Lost and Found» of Montenegro airports in Tivat and Podgorica.

Q How to get from Podgorica airport or Tivat to the place of rest?

Arriving at the airport of the city of Podgorica or Tivat, you can reach your destination in various ways:
• we will provide you with a transfer upon meeting you at the airport, take you to your place of rest and help with the settlement, as well as arrange registration with a tourist organization. To do this, you need to send us a request in advance;
• you can book a car rental in advance for the duration of your holiday with a car delivered to the airport upon your arrival;
• you can take a taxi directly at the airport or order a taxi by phone after arriving at the airport of Montenegro;
• you can easily find Podgorica bus station (Autobuska stanica Podgorica – address: Podgorica, Trg golootočkih žrtava 1, phone +382 (20) 620-430) or Tivat bus station (Autobuska Stanica Tivat – address: Tivat, Palih Boraca, tel. +382 (78) 118-738). And our article describes in detail how to find the current schedule and ticket prices of buses on the Internet in Montenegro;
• alternative – railway transport. You can get to many cities and villages of Montenegro by train for just a few euros: Podgorica – Bar, Podgorica – Niksic, Podgorica – Bijelo Pole. In Google Maps you can find the Podgorica railway station (Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore AD – address: Podgorica Trg golootočkih žrtava br.13, tel. +382 (20) 441-211), and in another article we will tell you how to find out the current prices and trains schedule in Montenegro.

Q I like the house (apartment), how can I see it?

If you want to see the property that you like personally, you send us a convenient time and place of your arrival in Montenegro. Our manager will meet you personally, show you an object that you like, and also answer all the important questions for you. In addition, we will select for you and show a few more similar real estate options to give you a choice. We will help you arrange all the necessary documents and ensure the security of the transaction. If you have questions, you can always contact us for advice. Send us an APPLICATION, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with the information you need. At your request, we will provide you with a selection of objects in both the primary and secondary real estate markets.

Q Why Montenegro?

When choosing a country for leisure, life or business, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, analyze the strengths and weaknesses, and determine their compliance with their personal goals and desires. For some people Montenegro fascinates from the first look and inspires for life. And someone can neither understand or accept her special colour. This is an exclusively everyone’s personal choice. But the undoubted advantages of Montenegro remain the pristine nature of the Adriatic coast and the Balkan Mountains with a soft climate, the country’s convenient geographical location and the loyalty of the country’s laws to foreign tourists and immigrants. Montenegro is a unique country for leisure, life and business. You can find out more about life in Montenegro in our blog about MONTENEGRO. Welcome to Montenegro!

Q What are the main stages of the purchase of real estate?

Our managers will not only help to clarify the information you need, but will also meet you at the airport, arrange a meeting with the owners of the properties you have chosen, help you prepare the necessary documents, and also check the authenticity of the documents in all necessary instances. Step by step – Montenegro real estate:
1. Departure to the selected objects for the selection of the best option and coordination of all current issues.
2. Our specialists verify the originals of all the necessary documents in your presence in official sources of Montenegro with a notary confirmation.
3. A government notary, together with our specialists, prepares a contract of purchase and sale, as well as negotiates key issues and the parties contract signing.
4. Payment of the transaction in accordance with the signed contract for the purchase of the property and the official registration of the new owner and record in the registry.
5. Registration of the new owner of the property in the tax inspectorate of Montenegro and payment of property tax.

Q What are the features of the purchase of real estate in Montenegro?

On average, the process of the real estate purchase takes about a month. A mandatory document for the buyer (citizen of another country) is the international passport. The seller must provide an extract from the state real estate cadastre and certificate of ownership / list nepokretnosti. You can check the availability of all permits for the construction of the property, proof of ownership and encumbrances in the real estate cadastre, as well as in the register of property rights in Montenegro. Individual approach is the main rule of the company MonteBase. We can offer to our clients interest-free installments from 6 to 12 months for some objects, as well as permission to move in and permanently live in the property after paying 30% of its value. Before you buy, we will meet you at the airport and offer a free tour of the coast to explore Montenegro and view your chosen property options. We guarantee the high quality of our properties and the fulfillment of all obligations and orders on time.

Q How much does property cost in Montenegro?

Investing in real estate in Montenegro is a profitable investment. Montenegro is an attractive region for tourists. According to statistics, the increase in the number of tourists in Montenegro is about 10% annually. Property in Montenegro – prices vary greatly depending on the city, distance from the sea and mountains, the level of comfort of housing and the urgency of sale. In Montenegro, there are houses and villages located in the mountains far from the coast and from the city’s infrastructure, which are difficult to reach. In such places you can find a small house, even up to 10,000 euros. In the same resort areas are the following price categories. Up to 1000 euros per square meter is housing class economy and standard in the secondary market at a reduced price of urgent sales. In the range of 1000-1500 euros per square meter prices vary for new real estate level of economy and standard, as well as real estate of the secondary market level standard and objects of urgent sale of premium class. From 1,500 to 2,500 euros per square meter – the main price category of comfortable high-quality real estate in Montenegro is premium. And, choosing luxury housing, you can focus on prices from 3,000 euros per square meter to infinity, depending on the level of comfort, distance from the sea and national parks, as well as other objective and subjective reasons. In Montenegro, you can choose a property for almost any budget.
We offer both low-cost real estate and premium-class properties at special prices. With an average level of real estate prices of 1500-2500 euros / sq.m, we will select you urgent sale objects from 500 euros / sq.m.