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Apartment in Bar for living and recreation


The city of Bar attracts many touristsboth for permanent residence in Montenegro, and for summer holidays. The developed urban infrastructure works stably all year round: supermarkets, banks, communications, vegetable and fish markets in Bar, cafes and restaurants, etc. The longest embankment in Montenegro is a favorite place for walking for the city's residents to walk around.

You can choose an apartment in Bar rely on your taste and with various financial investments. Apartment in a house in first line or in a quiet place, in the city center or in «zeleni pojas» of the urban area, on the ground floor «prizemlje» with a separate exit to the courtyard or a penthouse under the roof, a studio apartment or with several bedrooms, withor without furniture. The purchase of an apartment has its own advantages in comparison with the purchase of a house in Montenegro: a lower sale price and less expensive maintenance, the ability to leave it without personal supervision for a long time in winter.

A diverse list of apartments for sale in Bar on the Adriatic coast is provided by MonteBASE. Large selection of real estate in Bar for every taste and needs, taking into account the material possibilities, in any favorable place.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]