Visiting Montenegro, be sure to pay special attention to exploring the city of Bar. City of Bar lives quietly and measured.

In this city, everyone will be able to find his own cozy corner for the soul: both lovers of cheerful companies and active leisure, and connoisseurs of modern comfort and service, and supporters of a solitary lifestyle with nature. You can feel the atmosphere of this city only by immersing yourself in it for a while, and having become acquainted with many secret corners, a special way of life and local color.

Bar is a city rather large by the standards of Montenegro. It is a home to about fifteen thousand people. All in all, Bar municipality has about 40 thousand inhabitants. The city itself is divided into two large areas - Old and New. Between them there are many areas more similar to the suburbs: Bjelishi, Cheluga, Burtaishi.

New Bar is a modern port city with a developed infrastructure: bars, supermarkets, fish market, sports complexes and the absence of the usual urban fuss. The city of Bar is actively developing: building and progressing tourism infrastructure. Many people, buying real estate in Montenegro, choose Bar as their second home.

The port of the city - «Marina-Bar» is a home for a large number of yachts and boats. Therefore, the city is appreciated by yachting lovers. They are very popular for leisure and travel in Montenegro. A ferry Bar-Bari, which goes regular to Italy, attracts those who want to get acquainted with the sights of the neighboring country.

Literally in couple of kilometers from the center of Bar there is a large district - Shushan. This is a very popular tourist destination. Housing prices there are quite reasonable, even in the most «beach» seasons. This area is suitable for a quiet family holiday: it has a fabulous promenade, several kilometers long. There are cozy cafes and inexpensive restaurants, trees (mostly conifers) grow along the whole promenade. There are many pine forests also in Zeleni Pojas - the area of Shushan, named because of the large number of parks and greenery. In the area of Topolica beach there is a cypress park.

That is why Shushan has its own special microclimate. This area of the city of Bar is popular not only in summer, but also in other seasons. Fans of a unique combination come to rest here - the sea and forest landscapes, the healing air. Montenegro is a health resort created by nature. It should be noted that the beaches here are only pebbly, but the views are stunning, and conifers grow quite close to the water. And the sandy beaches with clear water are very close - about 8 km (5mi) from Bar, in Sutomore, and also in Dubrava.

The old town is located in the mountains, about four kilometers (2,5mi) from the sea, and it's an excellent historical monument of architecture - a kind of open-air museum. If you like to walk through the old cities, then a tour of the Old Bar is just what you need: a citadel, ancient churches, ruins of buildings from several historical eras, a rich history of conquests, a mosque with a minaret, a Turkish aqueduct, viewing platforms overlooking the new city, sea and mountains of Montenegro.

Also on the outskirts of Bar there are famous monasteries. Gorni Brcheli is a functioning female Orthodox monastery at the level of 1000 m (3281 ft) above the sea. Rybnyak Monastery - with very beautiful mountain views along the road to it, interesting architecture of the buildings themselves (churches, baptistery and a shelter for wanderers). The church is functioning, it can be visited on weekdays and on Orthodox holidays. Between Bar and Sutomore there is the Benedictine monastery of the Virgin on Ratachskoy, destroyed by the Ottomans in the 16th century.

Bar Riviera and the city of Bar conquers tourists with its versatility, harmonious combination of the depth of history and the modern city, surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature.